Professional Gambler

The idea of being a professional gambler is a lot more attractive than the reality. There are stresses and hours involved with being a pro gambler that you wouldn’t find in the traditional workplace environment. The movies make it out to be one thing but treating your gambling totally professionally and maintaining incredible discipline when on a losing run is so difficult.

The 1%

It’s widely accepted that less than 1% of gamblers can genuinely call themselves professional gamblers. That meaning their sole income is consistently generated through gambling. That’s different to someone who wins the lottery for example. This is month after month, year after year generating at least as much as the average wage earner in his/her country through gambling.

Professional Betting Tips

With our professional betting tips, you have one part of the professional gambler’s puzzle solved. Meaning, you have identified a source of value bets. You must also follow the staking plan advised though, that is where many fall foul and eventually it costs them.

Bankroll Management

Using the strategy made famous by, you will give yourselves the best possible chance of success. There are strict rules based upon a betting bank of 100 points. You will never be told to stake more than 3% of your bankroll and on average the bets will be for 1pt/1%.

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