Horse Racing Tips

At Pro Racing Bets we are solely focused on proving you the best Horse Racing Tips. There are many ways to skin a cat and that sentiment is true when it comes to betting on horse racing. Betting tips are highly sought after, particularly in horse racing. The fact that a collection of people DO know more about a horse than you, makes the desire for horse racing tips very strong.

Betting Tips

The idea of Betting Tips is one surrounded by suspicion and scrutiny. Particularly when it comes to Horse Racing Betting Tips. People want to know where the information has come from and whether you have access to stable staff for tips. To protect those that contribute to the site we will not name our sources but suffice to say, if we advise a maximum stake bet – then take notice.

Afternoon Racing Tips

We will only offer Afternoon Racing Tips when there is sufficient value available. We don’t just tip horses for the sake of it. Just because you are going to watch the afternoon racing on TV, you don’t need to bet every race. Be selective and focus on getting the very best tips for your afternoon’s racing. Your afternoon racing from the UK & Ireland will be shown on ITV, Sky Sports Racing or UK Racing.

Evening Racing Tips

In the UK and Ireland we will often have evening racing tips available on site. These racing tips are completely free and come from a host of different sources within the horse racing and gambling industries. There is usually less racing in the evening so that naturally leads to less evening racing tips but rest assured, if there’s something worth backing – we’ll be tipping it.

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